Bachfest Leipzig


Leipzig, where music sets the tone.

You can feel the fascinating power of music everywhere in Leipzig – in the streets and squares, in churches, concert halls and the many authentic locations where famous musicians worked and lived. And there is a long tradition: In past centuries, more than 500 composers lived here, including great names from music history: Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Clara und Robert Schumann as well as Richard Wagner, Edvard Grieg, Albert Lortzing, Gustav Mahler and Hanns Eisler.

I 2018 var "Bach in Town" tilstede på Bachfest Leipzig, da temaet var "Leipziger Kantaten-Ring" - og dirigentene Gardiner, Koopman, Suzuki, og Rademann var der med sine ensembler og fremførte 30 av deres yndlingskantater på 10 konserter. Årets Bachfest er "like sprø" med 66 koralkantater fra Bachs koralsyklus med et tredvetalls Bach kor fra hele verden. Først noen filmglimt fra 2018 og egne bilder fra byen som bobler av Bach-fryd:)

"Oh, how I envy Leipzig for its music."

– Clara Schumann

The 2024 Festival Edition: CHORal TOTAL

Talk with the Artistic Director Prof. Dr. Michael Maul

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What's special about this year's festival?
First of all, the fact that a long-planned project is finally becoming a reality. Because in our now 25 years of history, no project has been prepared so long in advance as the centrepiece of the 2024 Bachfest: back in 2020, under the festival title »BACH – We are FAMILY!«, Bach choirs from all over the world were meant to perform the complete annual cycle of chorale cantatas – the 66 cantatas that Thomaskantor Bach penned mostly during his second season of Leipzig cantatas, starting in June 1724. The pandemic temporarily put paid to our plans. But all that is now going to be made good – once again with Bach choirs from all over the world. And what I'm especially pleased about is that the date is even more fitting, exactly 300 years after the cycle's first performance, and of course – as always in Leipzig – in Bach's original venues.