Inspired by Bach : SLIXS a cappella ensemble


"Intet nytt under solen", Bach er og har vært inspirasjonskilde for svært mange skapende mennesker - uavhengig av kunstform og sjanger. Albert Schweitzer mente alt fører til Bach, i forståelsen at Bach var et vendepunkt som alt pekte frem mot før, og alt i ettertid pekte tilbake til. 

After years of intensive work on the vocal realization, SLIXS have now unearthed further Bach treasures that are suitable for such a new interpretation and have also dared / dared to tackle demanding masterpieces. With light-footed caution the album soars - in an elegant sequence of Bach's masterpieces - to flights of fancy over soundscapes, which - despite the great variety of previous Bach adaptations - are incomparable. Through the use of the human voice, the baroque instrumentation is heightened in a different way, and polyphony experiences a new understanding. One almost believes oneself to be part of the creation of Bach's works.


a cappella ensemble



"That's the sound of the humanised universe. That should impress even aliens."

Attila Csampai, 19.11.2022, Rondo Magazin

These singing artists create a particular sound that even drops the jaws of a cappella masters: Before his death, a captivated Ward Swingle, founder of the legendary Swingle Singers, praised the band saying, "Your style is unique," while King's Singer, Gabriel Crouch, named SLIXS "better than any group (he's) ever heard!" And before Bobby McFerrin took them to a common European tour, he once said "I've never heard these tunes so funky".

Not only that but also its extensive international acclaim makes this sextet currently one of the best vocal bands in the world. Their artistic daringness and thirst for innovation were already honored with some of the world's highest awards for vocal art, including Best Jazz Song of the Year 2008, Best Folk/World Song of the Year 2013, Best Classical Song of the Year 2019 and 2023 as well as Best Classical Album of the Year 2023 at the CARA's (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards). In 2006, they already have been a two-time audience winner at the International A Cappella Competition in Graz (A) and since then, on tour in an unchanged band constellation.

With their new album QUER BACH 3, the vocal artists SLIXS once again demonstrate a culmination of vocal Bach adaptations. The dance-like, floral aesthetic - with which the artists reinterpret instrumental works by Johann Sebastian Bach - has already become their trademark. This album represents the most elaborate edition of the QUER BACH trilogy to date. NB! Sjekk mer ved å trykke på album cover : 

Instrumental works by Bach are illuminated in a new way from a singer's point of view. With QUER BACH 3, the artists create a sublime listening experience that breaks the boundaries between symphonic and jazz singing.

Thus QUER BACH 3 resembles a journey through Bach's cerebral windings. The ambition with which SLIXS dare to tackle Bach's baroque works remains emphatically stylish and graceful. Imagine a singing organ. Or, what would a singing oboe sound like? SLIXS' new album is an immersion into explorative sound worlds and an unconditional recommendation for lovers of Bach's instrumental music who want to rediscover what is familiar to them, but also for everyone who is in the mood for pleasurable vocal artistry.