Jazzy feiring av de første 1000 følgere på Bach in Town


Bach in Town åpnet sin facebookside 27. mars 2020, og nå drøyt året etter har vi rundet 1000 følgere på siden. Da er det bare å løfte i flokk og dele i vilden sky for å øke utbredelsen av siden som er dedikert Bachs universelle og evig aktuelle testamente - som det ypperste av kunst gjennom tidene.

Vi lar fenomenet Barbara Dennerlein jazze opp en Bach-klassiker, hun har skills som er helt innafor - for å si det på den måten.

NB! Trykk på bildet for se & høre en swingende Bach

Barbara Dennerlein, born in 1964, fell in love with the sound of the Hammond organ at a very young age. When she was eleven years old, her father - himself an organ fanatic - bought the first home organ, and it got Barbara hooked. Later on she lived her enthusiasm on an original Hammond B3 (then already out of serial production), on which, besides playing the standard classical repertoire, she started composing her own music.

By the age of fifteen she regularly performed in clubs; at twenty she was celebrated as the "organ tornado from Munich" and the Los Angeles Times brought a headline on her, "German Organist Pumps You Out". She was granted many awards for her albums (all published under her own label).

In constant receipt of awards for her albums and having earned regular ovations and shining reviews for her performances, Munich organist Barbara Dennerlein is one of the world's greatest Hammond organ players in the last few decades. She is considered Germany's most successful jazz export. 

Barbara has always been famous for her virtuosic foot work on a full pedal board just like the ones in a pipe organ. So why shouldn't she try out on a large church organ what she had always practiced on the Hammond organ. And she did, at the 1994 Würzburg Bach Days. Ever since she has spent more and more thought on the "queen of instruments", on how to tap its full sound potential and how to to get the pipe organ, this fairly slowly reacting instrument, to swing.